Guyana National Bureau of Standards |  Portal 

    Standard Portal Overview

    The Guyana National Bureau of Standard (GNBS) manages the development and publication of standards in Guyana. To meet the needs of our stakeholders, the GNBS has established GNBSGuy, an online standards database platform. Via this platform users can browse standards available at the GNBS.

    GNBS Overview
    The Guyana National Bureau of Standards (GNBS), operating under the Ministry of Tourism Industry and Commerce is a semi-autonomous governmental organization responsible for standards and quality in Guyana. 

    GNBS was established in March 1985, under Act No. 11 of the year 1984. It has the legal status of a statutory corporation governed by a National Standards Council (NSC), which is appointed by the Minister of Tourism Industry and Commerce.

    The GNBS is a revenue generating agency and is also funded by the Government of Guyana. It is the only National Standards Body in Guyana. It is also an ISO 9001:2015 certified agency. 

    The GNBS is headed by an Executive Director and a Deputy Executive Director who work in alignment in the operations of the agency. The Executive Director has responsibility of overseeing the corporate departments while the Deputy Director oversees the technical departments. 


    To develop and implement the National Quality Infrastructure in partnership with key stakeholders, towards sustainable socioeconomic development and consumer protection


    To be the premier National institution for Standards and Quality.