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    Code of Practice for manufacture of wooden craft items
    GYD 4,400
    Wood Products

    This Code of Practice establishes the minimum requirements for the manufacture and production of wooden craft items. The document is more focused on performance than prescriptive requirements for craft items. The Code of Practice may be applied to all wooden craft items in the manufacturing stage or at the point of sale to retailers and end consumers. It focuses on work made by individual craftspersons by hand. However, to improve efficiency and production, some craftspersons and manufacturers may employ tools, technology and other expertise to their best advantage. This Code of Practice does not apply to production techniques used solely for high volume output if such techniques: a) do not add to the overall quality and design; and b) are not performed with the skill and craftsmanship required.

    • Year of Declaration: 2010
    • Reference: CRCP 7: 2010
    • Number of Pages: 9
    • Code: GCP 31
    • Version:
    • ICS Number: 97.195