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    Code of Practice for building – Part 1: Enforcement
    GYD 9,000
    Construction Codes Safety

    The objectives of this Code are: (a) to establish, maintain and improve building standards; (b) to facilitate the adoption and efficient application of uniform building standards; (c) to facilitate uniform accreditation of building products, construction methods, building designs, building components and building systems; (d) to maintain, enhance and improve the safety, health and amenity of persons using buildings including adequate provisions for persons with disabilities; (e) to promote and provide for the construction of environmentally efficient buildings; (f) to provide an efficient and effective system for granting buildings permits, administering building matters and resolving building disputes; (g) to reform aspects of the law relating to legal liability of regulatory agencies; to facilitate uniformity in the education, training and qualifications of building practitioners and the recognition of qualifications; (h) to facilitate the cost-effective construction of buildings; and (i) to aid the achievement of an efficient and competitive building industry. The provisions of this Code shall come into operation on such dates as are fixed by the Minister by notice in the Gazette.

    • Year of Declaration: 2005
    • Reference:
    • Number of Pages: 51
    • Code: GCP 9-1
    • Version:
    • ICS Number: 91.010.10