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    General requirements for safety in laboratories
    GYD 8,300
    Conformity Assessment Laboratory Safety Withdrawn

    This standard specifies the general requirements for a laboratory safety management system, which will enable a laboratory to formulate a policy and objectives, taking into account legislative requirements and information about significant risks, which the laboratory can control and over which it can be expected to have an influence, to protect its employees and others, whose health and safety may be affected by the activities of the laboratory. In addition this standard specifies specific requirements for medical laboratories. This standard is applicable to any laboratory that wishes to: (a) implement, maintain and improve an Occupational Safety and Health Management System; (b) assure itself of its conformance with its stated safety policy; and (c) make s self-determination and self –declaration of conformance with this standard.

    • Year of Declaration: 2003
    • Reference:
    • Number of Pages: 41
    • Code: GYS 235
    • Version:
    • ICS Number: 13.100